17 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Marriage Gratitude Challenge Starts Today!

Update: The Gratitude Challenge has ended and the Grace e-book is no longer available. To join our other challenges and to find out get access to our free e-books when they are available, join our mailing list! The Grace Gratitude Challenge starts today! If you’re just joining us, sign up below for your challenge resources. […]

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04 April 2013 ~ 5 Comments

Eat What’s on your Plate

carving a turkey

My four-year-old has moments where he will just “kind of” eat his dinner in that push-my-food around my-plate-to-make-it-look sparse kind of way–because no parent would catch on to that one . Less than five minutes after he doesn’t finish dinner, he’s asking for dessert. To which I always give the same response: No you can’t […]

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30 August 2012 ~ 4 Comments

Lessons in Gratitude from Grand-Mama

As I drove to my grandmother’s house (We called her Grand-mama, pronounced like the grandma in Bewitched) last week after she passed away, I started to think about her life and I started to feel a little bit of anger welling up inside of me. I was angry, not just because she was gone, but […]

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03 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The Strength in My Flaws: Thankful Thursday

As a woman, I feel like I’ve been groomed from birth to have a love hate relationship with my body. Within the last few months that love/hate has been skewed a lot more toward the hate side of things. The effects of working full time and blogging into the night have resulted in a whole […]

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02 November 2011 ~ 3 Comments

I’m Grateful to Have a Spouse Who Manages My Car Repairs

On Sunday afternoon my car started having little seizures as I was running errands. I thought maybe these were because of the cold, but then I know little about cars. By Monday morning, if I were in an early 90’s Dr. Dre video it would have been kinda hot the way my car was bouncing […]

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01 November 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Help Spread Gratefulness Across the Web

Husband, wife and child looking happy

This year, on Thursday November 24, 2011, most of us in the United States will gather around a table somewhere. Some of us will have a small gathering at home, some will travel near and far to join family, others may go out and have a catered meal. At some point in the evening there […]

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