You came by to see me? I’m so honored! Thanks for stopping by.

Ok I know you didn’t actually come to see me. You came to see what Making Love in the Microwave is all about. (You thought it was a new sex position didn’t you, ya nasty!) Just joking. That it is not. Making Love in the Microwave is my little trying-to-be-clever play on words intended to motivate busy couples to make the most of their marriages when their time is tight.

When I got married I was determined to make it work. I came into the marriage with my daughter from a previous relationship that failed. I am the child of divorced parents. My mom is the child of divorced parents.

I was not going to be the third generation divorcee. I wanted to know everything about what it took to make a marriage work, but I was without many real-life models. So I studied. I read all of the books that I could get my hot little hands on about understanding your partner and being the best wife. I followed all of the marriage blogs. I browsed the internet and took note of all of the “top ten ways to affair proof your marriage” and “top five ways to spice up your love life” lists.

This marriage was going to work. I was determined. I was diligent.

I was tired.

To make a long story a little shorter, disenchantment set in. I knew things needed to be different than they were but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

I was coming at marriage like it was this huge thing to be conquered from day one, instead of realizing that to build a lifetime, we have to get there day by day. So I started the process of trying to set the right foundation by making the most, not just of every day, but of every moment that I had to spend on it.

I truly believe that if we can focus on maintaining our marriages in the time that we have, instead of longing for the time that we don’t have, the beginning to a better marriage is less than 15 minutes away. I started this blog for busy couples on like us, dedicated to continuing in this marriage journey, no matter how hectic the rest of life may be. I hope that you will join me so that we can support one another in getting there, a few moments at a time.


Aja Dorsey Jackson
MLM Author