12 October 2012 ~ 0 Comments

You’ve Got a Great Spouse. Go Tell Somebody: 30 Day Marriage Challenge Day Five

Women talking about marriage

On the imom.com challenge that we’re working from, it says to tell yourself about your spouse: “He really loves his family, he is doing his best for us.”

I want us to take that just a tiny step further, and say something good about your spouse to someone else. While it’s definitely important to talk to yourself in a positive way about your spouse, a lot of the damage we do to the way we think about marriage comes by way of bashing our spouses to others.

You don’t have to use the exact language from imom.com if you don’t want to, but today’s challenge is to acknowledge your spouse by saying good things about him or her to someone else. Oh yeah, putting a post on your Facebook wall about how great your husband/wife is doesn’t count. Let’s do this one in real life.

Did you take today’s challenge? Who did you tell and how did you do? Comment and let us know!



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