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Making Love at Work: Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee


“Fifty two years being married, there’s been a lot of overcoming! … There’s been a lot of struggle there. But marriage is everyday. You think you love somebody, but love is an aspiration. Marriage is more than putting up with each other. It’s a growing up together, coming into maturity and seniorhood together. It’s been a journey, a profound learning experience about each other..” Ruby Dee

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee; The actor/actress duo wed in 1948 and were married nearly 60 years when Ossie died in 2005. They were both highly acclaimed actors in their own rights, and appeared onstage and in films like Raisin in the Sun and Jungle Fever together over the years. Their union was not perfect (whose is!) ; in their joint biography With Ossie and Ruby: In this Life Together, the couple confesses that they had an open marriage for a short period of time in the 60s. In any case, I’ve still always had an admiration for what I’ve seen of their marriage, (and I’m pretty interested in reading the book).

What couples have you admired over the years?



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