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How to Eat Clean When You’re Short on Time: Tuesday Timesaver


In my quest to live healthier this month I’ve also decided to let go of some “excuses” that I give myself to do otherwise and am removing from my vernacular anything that amounts to “I don’t have time to..” (insert anything that involves my health). Eating right is one of them. It makes little sense that I don’t have the time to eat healthier. I’m eating anyway right? So why not just make better choices?

The truth is, though, that lots of our “convenience” foods, not just fast foods, but processed foods like frozen lunches and bottled beverages, are often chock-full of preservatives, unnecessary sugars, and chemicals that don’t offer much benefit to your health or your waistline. Cooking your own food instead of using processed varieties will help you avoid a lot of the nutrition pitfalls, but cooking more takes time—something that we’re all already strapped for.

The Nourished Kitchen offers up some quick tips for people trying to begin slowly cleaning up their diets when their strapped for time (and cash). Here’s one of my favorites:

buy a rotisserie chicken each week (and make broth).

If you’re strapped for time and even the thought of making my easy roast chicken seems daunting, do yourself a favor and head to the store and buy a rotisserie chicken.  If you’re lucky, you might stop by Whole Foods and pick up a chicken there.  Will it be pasture-raised?  No, of course not.  But it still fills your belly, provides meat and protein and its bones still make a good broth.

Pick the chicken clean, store its meat in a containers in the fridge and transfer the chicken frame to your slowcooker to make perpetual broth - it’s the easiest bone broth you’ll ever make, and your body will still benefit from the minerals and protein that leaches from the chicken frame into the broth.  Drink a cup or two each day and, if your adventurous enough, pour it into a saucepan, drop in a few vegetables and make a super simple soup.


I do this often. Admittedly it’s not one of hubby’s favorites but it’s much healthier and cheaper than feeding a family of four from McDonald’s and tastier than frozen pizza, so I’ll take it, and he’ll survive.

See the rest of the Nourished Kitchen’s tips in The Cheater’s Guide to Real Food.

Do you have any tips on eating healthy on limited time and money? Share them!



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