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Five Great Date Night Movies That Aren’t Chick Flicks

Try looking up great date night movies and I bet most of what you come up with are chick flicks, which, if your date night has a man involved, in my mind don’t really qualify as great date night movies. Unlike Hope Floats, which I watch every time it comes on, or the Terminator movies–which my husband watches every day (no really, every day) a good date night movie should have something in store for everyone. We picked the top five movies that the two of you can watch together on date night that will save you from fighting over the remote and then settling on Law and Order SVU repeats. (Don’t act like it only happens in my house!)

When you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside…Love and Basketball

The title of this one speaks for itself… Love and Basketball. You’ve got love, you’ve got basketball. What else do you need other than maybe a hot soundtrack. And you’ve got that too.

When you’re looking for some action…Spiderman

Really most of the modern-day comic book flicks (Iron Man, X-Men) fall into this category, but Spiderman (meaning the Toby Spiderman not the new kid) happens to be one of my personal favorites. Unlike my Terminator-watching husband, I’m not into action just for action’s sake, but give me a good storyline with the action and I’m all in. Fortunately these films usually combine a lot of both.

When you want to LYAO…Talladega Nights

I know I could have included some high-brow humor, but this movie is pure, unadulterated foolishness which is why it’s one of the best movies to watch if you want to laugh without having to think. Baby Jesus mentioned as watching a Baby Einstein Developmental video? I’m sorry, I can’t help but to laugh.

When you want to get no sleep at night…Saw

I checked out of the Saw series after the gratuitous gore of Saw III (what are they on, like Saw 27 by now?) But before the Saw movies just became gross, The first Saw was, well gross, but also really, really creepy. If you’re a chump like me, save this for nights that you want to spend sitting up talking because you’re scared to close your eyes.

When you want a good ole’ classic…Goodfellas

Bad guys, good guys, love, sex, drugs, money, cops and young Ray Liotta. I included this one just because I can’t think of a good enough reason why not.

What’s your favorite date night movie?



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