09 October 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Don’t Correct Your Spouse: 30 Day Marriage Challenge Day Two

Today’s Challenge is to go an entire day without correcting your spouse. This should be a breeze, right? But even if you think that you aren’t the nagging/critical type, make an extra effort today to pay attention to your language and your actions (i.e. re-doing things that you think your spouse did wrong). If you’re someone who has trouble with this doing a nag release might help you out :)

Are you up for the challenge? Good luck and get ready for day three!



2 Responses to “Don’t Correct Your Spouse: 30 Day Marriage Challenge Day Two”

  1. Little Bug Wife 11 October 2012 at 1:58 am Permalink

    Nah, I think it is disrespectful not to correct or be corrected when truly wrong. I mean, I’m not going to nit pick every little thing like, “Uh, honey, the glasses go in the cupboard upside down, not right side up.” But, if my husband is on the phone with his boss telling him he needs the 13th off for a doctor’s appointment when he really needs the 15th off, you bet I’m going to correct him! I’d rather be corrected than stand there and look like an idiot getting it all wrong. Please, correct me if I turn down the wrong street. I don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out on my own! Hubby would rather I correct him in bed if he’s doing something that causes me pain or discomfort or if he’s not quite getting that spot almost there a little to the left and yeah that’s it ~ ahhhhhhh rather than finding out later that he hurt me or wasting time and potentially missing out on my pleasure.

    Hubby bought me the wrong yogurt once and that wasn’t worth correcting. I just smiled and said, “that’ll do! Thank you, dear!” However, not correcting other things, to me is just another form of lack of communication, lack of true intimacy and a form of dishonesty. If either spouse takes it as a lack of love or respect then they have some growing up to do. Again, I’m not talking about the stupid little nit picky things that aren’t worth the time or trouble, like drinking glasses and yogurt.

    • Aja Jackson 12 October 2012 at 2:25 am Permalink

      Thanks for your comment! I think this comes down to knowing the difference between correcting your spouse because he’s wrong” and correcting your spouse because he’s not doing something your way. I agree, I think part of our role as is to be a balance for our spouse and let him know when something that he’s doing is out of order. I think there is a fine line between that and correcting when it’s just not the way we would have done it.

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