29 September 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Clearing Temptation: My Coke Addiction

Panera Bread Soda © by albemar78

I have to tell you something microwave lovers and I pray that you don’t judge me. I’m battling a Coke addiction. Not a white powder, “crack is wack,” coke addiction. But a capital-C, have-one-and-a-smile Coke addiction.

There’s something so sexy about that red can.  Pop the top of one and listen. Do you hear it? That’s not the sound of carbonation escaping resulting in fizz. That’s Idris Elba inside the can whispering “drink me” in his Stringer Bell voice.

As much as I want to oblige Mr. Bell every time, I know that drinking Coke all day isn’t the best thing for my weight loss efforts and my willpower isn’t always stronger than the soda. So to keep from sabotaging myself by becoming a Coke head, I have to keep it out of my house.  Not to say that my mind doesn’t wander over to the brown stuff sometimes even when it’s not in front of my face, but if it’s not readily accessible, I’m a lot less likely to give in.

As much as I would like to rely on my strength and determination, sometimes I’m not at my best, and if the wrong thing is in my face I’ll reach for it.

We have to guard ourselves against infidelity in the same way. Of course, we need to strengthen our commitment to one another and vow to stay faithful under any circumstance. But as much as we want to believe that we will always be strong enough, we aren’t always at our best. Our relationships aren’t always at their strongest. And it’s in those moments that we need to make sure that we don’t have a potential someone on the side ready and available to provide comfort.

Do you have former loves that you’re keeping in touch with on Facebook? Are you holding onto phone numbers that you would be better off deleting? Do you have notes or pictures stashed in a box somewhere that might make you nostalgic for a time that is better left in the past?

While every one of these things may be harmless most days, it only takes one moment of weakness to get your marriage headed in the wrong direction. Saying that an affair “just happened” is like saying you “just happened” to get hit by a car while jaywalking across a busy street without looking both ways. You can’t put yourself in a bad situation and then say “everybody makes mistakes.”

Today’s Microwave Challenge is to clear temptation out of your house. Be honest with yourself. Look at the areas of your life that are potential vulnerability hot spots. Then take a few minutes to start cleaning house.

Did you take today’s challenge? Let us know!



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    Great blog! Very true about removing temptation from your life when you’re married or in a serious relationship.

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