Take the 15-Minute Marriage Challenge


stronger marriage

You have the time to reconnect with your spouse.

With full-time jobs, family obligations, longer commutes, and many couples facing financial difficulty, it’s no surprise that married couples are finding it more difficult to connect with one another. The schedule demands placed on married people can be so overwhelming that many couples neglect to spend quality time together on a regular basis, believing that they don’t have the time to spend.

But the time is there. And it takes less time than you think it does to make your marriage work.

You probably don’t need a researcher to tell you this, but marital satisfaction can decline sharply, especially after the birth of children. However, spending short periods of time together each day can give couples the quality time they need to keep their connections strong. In fact spending just 15 minutes per day, just one percent of your time, on a regular basis can help you to maintain a happy, healthy marriage.

Through the 15-Minute, 15-day challenge, Making Love in the Microwave bloggers  set out to show couples that they can keep their marriages strong even in the midst of hectic schedules. Through the free, 15-day e-course, couples  reconnect with one another by devoting a minimum of 15 minutes every day to their spouse for 15 days.The challenge teaches couples to refocus on one another with the ultimate goal that the 15 day jump start will provide a step in the right  direction of turning time spent together into a priority.

Just like weight management, hygiene, organization, or gardening, the state of marriage comes down to how we’re maintaining it on a regular basis.  Marriages aren’t made up of 10, 20, or 50 years; they’re  made up of the decisions that we make every day of those years. Learning to  pay attention to that will help you  begin laying a better foundation.

A better marriage is only 15 minutes away. Download the free e-book and start making the small changes that will make a big difference in your relationship.